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National Dog Day

Here at The Warehouse we know how important having a pet is, as we are pet owners ourselves, that is why all of our apartments are pet friendly. Today, August 26th is Nation Dog Day so we would like to hight some of the benefits that "man's best friend" has to offer. 


Owning a dog has been proven to make us feel less alone and especially now they help us fight off that feeling of social isolation. Did you know that dogs are benefically to your heart? Petting a dog that we are familiar with helps to lower blood pressure and lower the heart rate. Additionally, petting a dog can help to release built up muscle tension and to slow down our breathing. Dogs can also help us to recover from a crisis or traumatic experience; veterans have shown fewer symptoms of PTSD when they have a service dog. Dogs also you to be more active and social. Dog owners are more likely to meet general daily physical activity guidelines. There are so many more benefits to owning a dog, but we wanted to highlight just a few.


If you are interested in adopting a dog there are a few local shelters that you can reach out to. 


Somerset Regional Animal Shleter

100 Commons  Way

Bridgewater Township NJ, 08807



Franklin Township Animal Shleter

475 Demott Lane

Somerset NJ, 08873

732-873-2500 Ext: 6255


St. Hubert's Animal Welfare

3201 US-22

Somerville NJ, 08876


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