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April Fool's Day

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The exact origins of April Fool's day is unknown, but some historians believe the tradition began in 1582. In 1582 the yearly calendar was switched from the Julian style to the Gregorian calendar still in use today. When the Julian calendar was observed the New Year was celebrated at the end of March into the beginning of April, but when the calendar switched to Gregorian the New Year moved to January 1st. People who were still celebrating the New Year in March become the center of jokes and other pranks. While now a days we say April Fool's when we trick someone, in 1582 France the saying was "poisson d'avril" or April Fish, as the people who fell for the pranks were likened to an easily hooked fish. During the 18th century April Fool's Day caught on in Britain and turned into the holiday we know today.


Here a few safe and fun pranks to try on your family and friends!

  1. Use plastic bugs or ones you have cut out of paper, tape them on the inside of a lamp shade. When the person turns on the lamp, they will see the silhouettes of what they think are live bugs!
  2. Place glitter or confetti on top of the blades to a ceiling fan that is turned off. When someone turns it on all the confetti will come raining down. 
  3. Put googly eyes on every item in the refrigerator or all the produce.
  4. Put bubble wrap under area rugs so when someone walks over it... POP ... they get a surprise.

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